Joey Cavalieri and Klaus Janson launch the adventures of the post-Crisis Batman in Detective Comics with issue 568 (Nov. 86), a Legends crossover.


Only the very beginning of the story touches on Legends, as Batman and Robin watch an anti-hero rally lead by G Gordon Godfrey.  To my dismay, it appears no one gave Janson an image of what the villain looks like, as the man pictured does not resemble Godfrey in the slightest.


But most of the story has nothing to do with Legends.  It follows the Penguin, as he kidnaps some peregrine falcons.


Some great art by Janson (though I intensely dislike how he renders the Penguin’s nose).  And overall a very good issue.  The fact that it only touches on Legends actually works to its benefit, as it shows the early days of the anti-hero rallies, before things really get going.



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