Barr, Davis and Neary conclude their 2-part story that breaks up Batman and Catwoman in Detective 570 (Jan. 87).


There is a fair bit of Joker mania in the story.  Giant billiard balls are only part of the chaos Batman and Robin have to deal with. But despite this, the story remains a pretty gloomy one, as Dr. Moon’s machine has worked, and Catwoman now has no warm feelings for Batman.


The Joker expects her to join him in his fight with Batman, but Catwoman has no interest in helping the Joker either, and takes off to be on her own.


Batman captures the Joker, but there is no happy ending to this tale.

It would be quite a few years before Batman and Catwoman faced each other again, although Selina would return in a solo story in Action Comics Weekly.  By the time the two were together again, nothing of their pre-Crisis partnership remained.

I never really liked this story.  I understood its necessity at the time, and it was preferable to split them up during the course of a story, rather than just drop the relationship without explanation.  Still, it’s a downer.



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