Continuing the story from the previous issue, Detective 574 (May 1987) sees Robin being tended to as Batman flashes back to his origin, thanks to Mike W Barr, Alan Davis and Paul Neary.


The story really serves to re-introduce Leslie Thompkins.  She appears a bit younger, and definitely more active, as she now runs a clinic, and is a practicing doctor.  She operates on Robin and takes care of him, as she and Batman reminisce on their shared past.  From this story on, Leslie has known of Bruce’s alter ego from the moment he adopted it.


This expands on the earlier stories, in which Leslie took care of Bruce immediately after his parents’ murders.  Now, she and Alfred are shown as the guardians of young Bruce all the way until adulthood. Interestingly, the story passes on detailing the origin of Robin to any degree, likely because they were already planning to change it.


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