Jim Baikie joins Mike W Barr for this two-part Two-Face story, which begins in Detective 580 (Nov. 87).


The story appears to open with Two-Face waking up and discovering his facial deformity.  One might almost think that this is re-telling his first appearance or something.  An alert reader will notice that at no point does the narration call this man Harvey Dent, and remember the unspecified medical procedure performed by the Crime Doctor at the request of Two-Face in the previous issue.


Two Face begins a series of robberies that do not follow his usual pattern, until Batman realizes he is going after people who create doubles of other people.  Noticing that Two-Face is using his “wrong” hand, Batman deduces that this is really the actor, Paul Sloane, not seen int he comics for over thirty years. He was the actor playing Two-Face who got scarred the same way, and went on a crime spree.  His face was operated on at the end of that story, but Harvey had the Crime Doctor undo the surgery.

Figuring all this out doesn’t do a lot of good for Batman, as he, Robin and Paul Sloane all wind up in Two-Face’s death trap at the end of the issue.



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