Mike W Barr’s run on Detective comes to an end with issue 581 (Dec. 87), the concluding half of the two Two-Faces story, with art by Jim Baikie and Pablo Marcos.


This part of the story makes reference to the new origin of Jason Todd, recently detailed in the pages of Batman, in which Two-Face was responsible for the death of Jason Todd’s parents.  But it feels almost tacked on, as if the story was written before that element was added.  It’s not the basis or core of the story, as one might have expected.


Paul Sloane’s wife is brought in to restore his sanity, much the way Gilda Dent was used in the 40s.  Paul joins Batman and Robin for the final fight against Two-Face, for little reason other than to allows the cover image to take place.


Although Harvey attempts to pretend to be Sloane at the end, Batman uses their varying handedness to expose Harvey.

Not a bad story, but all in all Mike W Barr’s run seemed to be more suited to pre-Crisis, with the appearance of the Mad Hatter, and the use of Paul Sloane.

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