Alan Grant and John Wagner script Detective 596 (Jan. 89), while Eduardo Barreto and Steve Mitchell provide the art.


The story deals with a video store owner who makes tapes of people fighting and hurting each other.  It’s an ok tale, but not one that I would have included, except that this issue introduces Lt. Kitch of the Gotham police force.


Kitch is not the focus of the story, his role is limited to helping Batman track down the maker of the videotapes, but it does mark the beginning of really creating characters out of the Gotham police.  Up to now there had only been Commissioner Gordon, and more recently Harvey Bullock.


At the end of the story, as Batman is being beaten and videotaped, the meta-gene bomb explodes, causing the “negative image.”  Although this is not technically an Invasion! crossover, I do like the inclusion of the bomb scene, showing that the events in this story were taking place at the same time.


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