Batman heads into supernatural territory in Detective 601 (June 1989), in a story by Alan Grant, with art by Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell.


The story opens as the Batmobile sits alongside another car at a stoplight.  The other driver challenges Batman to a race, and speeds off. Batman pursues, but is shocked when he catches up to the other driver, who simply crumbles away into nothing.


We then meet Tenzin Wyatt, who was born in Tibet, but came to Gotham as a young boy.  He remains enchanted with the country, and its mysticism.  Unfortunately, Tenzin’s business is not doing so well, and he is in debt to a loan shark, Mr. Kellogg.


Tenzin uses his knowledge of Tibetan magic to create a tulpa, a duplicate of himself, who he sends out to rob Wayne Manor.  Alfre tries to stop the “man,” but his strength is greater than that of a normal person.


At the end of the story, Tenzin causes the tulpa to crumble, and it becomes clear that the racer at the start of the tale was another tulpa he had created.

The story continues next issue.


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