Tenzin Wyatt’s story continues in Detective 602 (July 1989), by Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell.


As with most loan sharks (in fiction at least), no payment is ever enough, and Mr. Kellogg demands even more from Tenzin.  Tenzin goes into a trance, taking himself deeper into his spiritual realm than ever before, in roder to draw forth a more powerful and monstrous tulpa.


He succeeds, but as usual, a monster released is never easy to put back into the box.


Jason Blood and his friend Randu are brought into the story.  It’s hard to place this story into the Demon’s continuity precisely, and I think one must put it before Matt Wagner’s Demon mini-series, even though that came out the previous year.  Batman wants Jason Blood to call forth Etrigan to help him against the tulpa, but Jason wants no part of it.  Randu, however, offers whatever help he can.

The story concludes next issue.


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