Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell conclude their three-part story of the tulpa in Detective 603 (Aug. 89).


Jason Blood feels guilty about refusing to help Batman, especially when Randu went off to aid him, and calls forth Etrigan.


And, as Batman expected, the Demon proves more than capable of standing up to the monstrous tulpa.


But the situation comes full circle.  The Demon proves just as difficult to deal with once the tulpa has been destroyed as the tulpa was once Kellogg was dead.  Batman wrestles with the creature, and the Demon is almost certain to win, but Batman simply refuses to give in, no matter how poor his chances.


Ironically, this determination amuses the Demon, who breaks out laughing and releases Batman.  The story ends on a wonderful note, with Etrigan giving Batman a peck on the cheek, and commenting on how similar they are.

An excellent story from beginning to end, with some great art by Breyfogle.  Tenzin Wyatt would return in the Demon’s forthcoming series.


Comments on: "Detective 603 – Batman and the Demon vs Tenzin’s tulpa" (1)

  1. I was under the impression that Batman gave up at the end, but at the same moment the enemy started to laugh.

    It was obviously a mismatch, but they looked spectacular.


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