Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell bring the Mudpack storyline to a great conclusion in Detective 607 (Late Oct.89).


Looker tracks Batman, and finds him in the theatre, still suffering from the effects of Sondra Fuller and Basil Karlo’s mind warping games.  Looker brings Batman back to sanity, and doesn’t even let him know how far gone he was.  Very considerate of her.


Karlo finds a laboratory that is open late, and forces his way, making the doctor there blend the blood samples he has taken.


The doctor injects Karlo with the resulting mixture, which instantly transforms him, giving him the abilities of both Preston Payne and Sondra Fuller.


Batman has been searching the labs in Gotham, after finding clues as to what Karlo is up to.  But in no way was he prepared to face what Karlo has become.


Looker comes to his aid, using her powers to force Clayface to increase his melting powers, and Batman thrusts him out the window. When Karlo hits the ground, he simply melts right through it, heading down into the earth.


The story finishes off with Payne and Fuller, giving them a happy ever after ending.  A great story, top notch in every way.

Looker next appears a couple years down the road in the next Outsiders revival.  Karlo, Payne, and Fuller also come back over the next few years.


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