Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell continue their streak by introducing another great Batman villain, Anarky, in Detective 608 (Nov. 89).


It’s no challenge to see that Anarky is based on the hero from V for Vendetta, but Grant toys with the character, and there are some good surprises along the way in this story.  It opens with both Batman and Anarky hitting a nightclub that is a front for a drug ring, after a letter to the editor exposes it.


Batman suspects the letter’s author, Dave Stang, may be Anarky, but instead finds an elderly woman who uses a male pen name to sound tougher.


Anarky continues to go after those who exploit the system and consider themselves above the law.


As the issue reaches the end, and Batman still has no idea who Anarky might be, we get introduced to the Machlan family.  The parallel structure of the page ensures that the reader clues in that one of these people must be the one Batman is hunting for.

The story concludes next issue.


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