Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle are joined by Dick Giordano on Detective 618 (Late July 1990), as the Rite of Passage storyline begins.  This is an excellent story, and has many levels to it, some quite disturbing.  At the start of this story, Tim Drake is living at Wayne Manor while his parents are out of town.  He is not Robin, does not go out on missions, simply works the computers.  Because how can he be Robin if his parents are still alive, even if they aren’t around?


Right from the outset, Tim is contrasted with a boy in the Caribbean, whose father has a special “Baka” that the boy is not allowed to see.  As the story progresses, we learn that the father is working for the Obeah Man, who is the main villain.


We catch up with the Drakes, aboard their private plane.  Not only do they leave their son behind, they don’t even treat each other nicely.  This does not bode well for Jack and Janet.


Things take a literal turn for the worse when the Obeah Man contacts and threatens their pilot, who lands as commanded.


Back in Gotham, Tim is helping Batman try to solve a number of bank thefts that have been committed online.


As Tim tries to track the transactions, the news comes through that his parents plane has disappeared.


And the Moneyspider takes credit for the bank thefts.

The story continues next issue.


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