Steve Mitchell rejoins Grant and Breyfogle on Detective 619 (Early Aug. 90), the second part of Rite of Passage.


As with the last story, the young boy whose father works for the Obeah Man fantasizes about the hidden baka, worrying and fretting about it.


Batman joins Commissioner Gordon and Lieutenant Kitch to watch a tape sent by the Obeah Man, demanding a ten million dollar ransom for the Drakes, and killing their assistant.


Examining the tape closely, Batman spots a caterpillar, and off of that figures out what island the Drakes are on.  Tim is distraught.  But he wanted to be Robin.  Is this the cost?


Impressively, the issue ends with Tim and Alfred discussing that head on, the deaths of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd’s parents.  And though they try to keep the view that the death is not needed, the reader knows that yes, it is.



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