Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell conclude Tim Drake’s Rite of Passage in Detective 621 (Sept. 90).


Batman relates the events of this issue to Tim and Alfred in the cave.  He arrived at the island the Obeah Man was holding Tim’s parents on.  Jack and Janet were both tied to a post, surrounded by flames, and the Obeah Man had a small army of his own defending the circle.


Batman battles his way in to the Drakes, and cuts them free.  None of them are at all suspicious of the jug of water on a table near them.


And that proves to be unfortunate, as it was not water, but poison.  Batman defeats the Obeah Man and his people, and gets the Drakes bodies out of there.  It turns out that Jack is still alive, though mentally and physically crippled, while Janet is dead.


The world of Batman may seem like a wonderful fantasy, but it’s a dark world that comes with a heavy price.


The story concludes with the Caribbean boy.  He had broke into his father’s baka earlier in the evening, and was disappointed to find it was, to his eyes, merely a clump of mud and bone.  He throws it into the fire, and we see that his father died a similar death.

While Jason Todd had been thrust on a readership, Tim Drake was slowly built up, in stages.  Rite of Passage was a powerful and important, if tragic, step in making him Robin.



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