John Ostrander scripts an amazing three-part story that begins in Detective 622 (Oct. 90).  The art in each of the three issues is divided into three as well.  Golden age artist Dick Sprang does the covers, which are both the covers of the actual book, and the covers of the comic-within-the-comic.  Flint Henry provides the wild and detailed fantasy world of that comic, while Mike McKone and Jose Marzan, Jr do the pencils and inks on the “reality” part of the story.  In each case, the artist(s) is perfectly suited for the job at hand.


A new comic book starts being published in Gotham, which tells a dark and supernatural version of the Batman story.  While the story gets nowhere close to the tale of Bruce Wayne, the emotional reality is accurate, though everything is made almost operatic in its extremes.


Alfred shows the first issue to Bruce, who dismisses it as meaningless.


But not everyone feels the same way.  A disturbed man, inspired by the comic, begins to murder people, and phones into a radio show, claiming to be Batman.

The story continues in the next issue.


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