Marv Wolfman, Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo revive the Electrocutioner in Detective 627 (Feb. 91), a villain introduced a decade earlier in the pages of Batman, who had gone on to be a major player in the Vigilante series.


The story takes place just after Commissioner Gordon’s heart attack, which occurred in the pages of Batman.  He is watched over by Sarah Essen, who was introduced in Batman: Year One, and recently brought back in the pages of Batman, while his duties are taken over by Detective Hanrahan, recently introduced in the pages of…do I need to finish that sentence?


The Electrocutioner looks nothing like the character used to, and now uses an electrified whip.


Batman recalls the earlier villain, in his much better costume, and the fact that he was reported killed (which occurred in Vigilante).


When Batman manages to confront him, the Electrocutioner is happy to explain that he is not the same man, just using his name.  And while the original Electrocutioner was a misguided vigilante, the new one is just a killer.


Batman figures out that his goal is killing Commissioner Gordon, and the big final fight occurs in the hospital room.  Sarah Essen helps Batman defeat him.

The Electrocutioner would return from time to time, though the person using that name would change.  In fact, rarely would the reader learn the identities of the men who adopt that alias.  And fortunately, all later Electrocutioners return to the better costume.



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