Wolfman, Aparo and DeCarlo bring back Abattior in Detective 628 (April 1991).


In this story, Abattoir is far less concerned with his ancestry, and more into eating human hearts.  And getting petty vengeance.  He attacks the eyrie where the Penguin’s doves are being stores, killing the guard, as well as all the birds.


Batman informs the Penguin of the deaths of the birds, and we see that Abattoir is in a nearby cell.  Because he is imprisoned, it takes Batman a while to realize that Abattior is the killer.


But once the evidence becomes compelling, Batman finds the guard who has been letting him out, and learns of his big plans, to explode a bridge and derail a train in order to harvest the remains.  The explosion happens, but Batman stops the train in time, and captures Abattoir.


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