Alan Grant and Jim Aparo helm Detective 642 (March 1992), the middle chapter of a Ventriloquist and Scarface story, which began in the previous issue of Batman.


The Ventriloquist and Scarface catch up with their old gang, who have been driven out of the drug trade by the Street Demonz gang.  When some are reluctant to go back to crime, Scarface simply kills them.


Bruce has become jealous of Vicki Vale, and the amount of time she is spending with her friend Horton.  But she is none to thrilled with Bruce’s unexplained absences, and the two break up.  It’s a bit of a jolt, as she hasn’t really appeared in Detective, so this comes out of the blue, but their relationship had been progressing in the pages of Batman.


Renee Montoya makes her first appearance in this book.  She had been introduced in the first part of this story, in Batman.  Along with Gordon and Harvey Bullock, she is dealing with the street drug trade.


Vicki and Horton wind up at the wrong place at the wrong time, in the middle of the gang war.  While Vicki takes pictures, Horton gets shot.

The story concludes in the following issue of Batman.


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