Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna continue the Electric City storyline in Detective 645 (June 1992).


Robin finds Batman near death, and the Electrocutioner standing over him.  The Electrocutioner manages to convince Robin that he was not the one who electrocuted the hero.


And the story confirms that this Electrocutioner is not a rabid killer like the last one, as he  shocks Batman’s heart back into beating.


This issue also gives the backstory on Galivan.  A killer sentenced to the electric chair, he appeared to die in it, but  came back to life with the ability to draw electricity and shoot it out.  He blames all those who were at his execution, and is out to kill them.


A recovered Batman, as well as Robin, have also figured out Galivan’s motivation, and head to the offices of a newspaper publisher, his next intended victim.

The story concludes next issue.




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