Dixon, Lyle and Hanna bring their first storyline, Electric City, to a conclusion in Detective 646 (July 1992).


Although Batman and Robin rescue the publisher from a direct attack by Galivan, they underestimate the scopeof his powers, as he fries the man from a building across the way.


As the storyline progressed, Gordon keeps putting off asking Sarah to marry him, and begins to think it’s not such a good idea.  The fact that he is one of the people Galivan aims to kill does not improve the romantic mood.


The Electrocutioner has a very small role in this.  Robin takes him down pretty fast.  And both Robin and Commissioner Gordon distract Galivan from Batman, giving Batman the second he needs to catch his breath and take Galivan down for good.


And the story reaches a very happy ending, as Sarah Essen accepts Jim Gordon’s proposal.

Dixon was very skilled at mixing the heroes vs villains with the personal lives of the supporting cast.



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