Dixon, Lyle and Hanna conclude the Cluemaster/Spoiler storyline in Detective 649 (Early Sept. 92).


Spoiler is less than pleased when Batman informs her that she will not be allowed to join him and Robin when they stop her father’s crime.  But she still gives Batman all the information she has on it.  There is some impressively elaborate planning, including staging accidents to block the roads with access to the location, although Stephanie has no idea how they plan to escape afterwards.


Everyone converges on the mall for its grand opening.  Spoiler waits until Batman and Robin have left, and then goes anyway.


Cluemaster and his gang are dressed like Robin Hood and his merry men, and the robbery begins to unfold perfectly.


Batman and Robin show up, but are outplayed when a helicopter smashes through the domed roof, to carry Cluemaster and his haul away.


Spoiler is on the roof, and disrupts his plans long enough for Batman to climb up.  Cluemaster grabs Spoiler, threatening to kill her.


And then finds out who she is.


Unmasked, Stephanie takes down her father. She is tempted to kill him, but Batman talks her out of it.

A really great return for Cluemaster, far better than any story he had previously appeared in.  And the addition of Spoiler makes this a fascinating family, one that we absolutely had to see more of.


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