Detective 650 (Late Sept. 92) has a shamefully deceptive cover.  Batman does not even appear in the issue.  Robin shares it with Harold, making his first appearance in Detective Comics, as Chuck Dixon is joined by Graham Nolan and Steve Mitchell on the art.


Harold is Batman’s mute assistant, a character who originally appeared in The Question, and was introduced, along with his dog Ace (as in, the Bathound), in the pages of Batman.  Harold has been exploring and mapping the cave and its various passages.


Harold’s part of the story is captivating, for all its silence.  The cavernous depths are conveyed extremely well.


Robin, meanwhile, is watching television with Alfred.  A Geraldo Rivera-type reporter is going to open a dead mobster’s vault (remember Al Capone’s vault?). He is joined by Roy Raymond, making a rare cameo.  Roy had last appeared in Swamp Thing a couple of years earlier.


What a page. Go Harold, go!


Robin realizes that the mobster had been very into ancient Egypt, and it’s trap-laden tombs, and figures that the vault is probably rigged.  Alfred drives him to the studio, and he arrives barely in time to save Roy and not-Geraldo.


Harold discovers that the Batcave links, through a tortuous path, to the Gotham subway system, which will be important down the road.

Not the most exciting or dramatic issue, but a very good use of Harold.




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