Chuck Dixon brings the Huntress into the Batman family in Detective 652 (Late Oct. 92), with art by Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna.

Helena Bertinelli, the post-Crisis version of the Huntress, had been introduced in her own book, and given a mafia background, unrelated to the Batman.  He had guest-starred in a couple of issues before the book was cancelled.  She had last appeared a couple of years earlier, in a Justice League International Special, which tied up the plots left dangling by the cancellation, and also saw her give up being the Huntress.


In this story, Helena is in the subway when a number of masked and armed men burst in following a robbery. Batman is chasing them, and Helena feels guilty and upset with herself for sitting back and doing nothing.  She does, however, notice an unusual tattoo on one of the men.


Heading home, some other goons attempt to mug her, and she fights them off.  The evening’s events lead her to go back to her old hideout, and her old costume.


We continue to follow Helena as she goes to do research on the tattoo that she spotted.  She senses being followed, and indeed she is, but by Batman, as the reader discovers.


They do run into each other as Batman and the Huntress, and agree to work together to take down the Krasny gangsters, although there is little warmth between the two.


They follow the gunmen, and take them down, but find themselves on the wrong side of the law when the police burst in, and they learn they are in foreign embassy.

The story concludes next issue.


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