Dixon, Nolan and Hanna conclude the Huntress story in Detective 653 (Nov. 92).


Batman and the Huntress get away from the police, but the teamwork has not brought them any closer.  They each independently learn more about the Krasnys, and their rivalry with another Eastern European micronation.  The gangs of the two ethnicities fight it out in Gotham.


A big festival is the stage for the climax of the action.  Batman and the Huntress fight well together, but when the ringleader announces he has a bomb, the Huntress takes matters into her own hands.


Batman rescues her, but is furious that she killed the man, rather than let Batman defuse the bomb.  The Huntress counters that he might not have succeeded, and they all would have died.

The two go their separate ways, further from being allies than when the story began.

Which was a surprising touch.

The Huntress remains on the fringes of the Batman family for quite a while.



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