Chuck Dixon and Scott Hanna are joined by Tom Mandrake on pencils for the concluding chapter of the General story, in Detective 656 (Feb. 93).


With their stolen military gear, the General leads his gang on an assault on Gotham’s police headquarters.


The gang are tough enough to burn the Batmobile, but once Batman wades into the fray, many cut and run, and the others are easily outmatched.  The story neatly details how effective Batman’s persona is, a weapon unto itself.


Even the General, when confronted one on one with Batman, reverts to the child he is.


The story has an unexpected coda.  Bird has been watching the assault on the police, and reports back to Bane about Batman’s actions and state of being.  Part of the set-up for Knightfall.  Bane, Bird and his crew were all recently introduced in the Batman – Vengeance of Bane special, but this marks their first appearances in Detective.


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