Detective 670 (Jan. 94) is labelled as being part of Knightquest: The Search.  But that storyline follows Bruce Wayne as he pursues Jack Drake and Shondra Kinsolving, which is not what the story in this issue, by Check Dixon, Barry Kitson and Scott Hanna, is about at all.  I think the reason behind the label is that this story does not follow on from the last issue, the set-up for the Joker’s movie.  That picks up again next issue.  This one might be termed a one-issue Knightquest – Renee Montoya special.


Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya are called to the scene when a body frozen deep inside a block of ice is found in the river.  They bring it to the station to thaw it out,in hopes of determining the identity of the victim.


Renee is watching over the body, and notices that it seems to be encased in armour.  Of course, all she has to do is step out and get distracted for a moment, and of course the body has vanished from the ice by the time she gets back.


The lights go out in the station, which draws Batman’s interest, and Renee comes face to face with Batman for the first time since seeing him put into the ambulance.


She has already figured out that the frozen body is really Mr. Freeze, alive and well.  Still a minor Batman villain at this point, the story neatly makes his identity a surprise.


Batman takes him down, but Renee winds up pulling her gun in order to prevent him from killing the man.  And Jean-Paul does a very poor job pretending to know who Mr. Freeze is, when he clearly had no idea.

Renee is left convinced that this is not the Batman she knew.

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