Dixon, Nolan and Hanna bring the Joker’s movie to its grand finale in Detective 673 (April 1994), another chapter in Knightquest: The Crusade.


The Joker pits Batman against a roomful of hoods.  He got the hoods into the room by giving them guns, but loaded them with blanks.  He wants footage of Batman fighting, but wants to save the death scene for himself.


As he watches the fight, the Joker realizes that the man in the new costume is not the same Batman he has known and fought for so long.


And while it’s fun to see him finally get so pissed off by the two critics that he shoots them, to me, the story goes wrong as the Joker goes on with the film.  Somehow, having figured out it was not the same man, I wanted, needed, a bigger reaction from him.  Like maybe giving up on the film entirely.


I can’t fault the great musical setting for the big finale, but it just becomes another fight scene.


Jean-Paul does, perhaps, almost kill the Joker.  Certainly Kitch felt it necessary to put a rifle to his head.  Once again the story ends with the police stopping him from killing a bad guy, and Harvey and Montoya feeling that this is not the Batman they know.

The next two issue pit Batman against two gun nuts, Gunhawk and Gunbunny (did I need to mention they were gun nuts?)  The stories really add nothing.  Jean-Paul continues to feel tormented, and act overly violent, and the cops continue to get suspicious.

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