Detective 682 (Feb.95) features the second part of Troika, the story that sees Bruce Wayne back in the role of Batman, at last.  Troika began in the most recent issue of Batman, and concludes in the issue of Robin later the same month.  The old creative team is back at the helm – Dixon, Nolan and Hanna.


Bruce Wayne is still not quite up to par.  The story picks up from the cliffhanger in Batman, in which he was thrown from a roof by Colonel Vega.  He misses his toss with a batarang, and Robin risks death to save him in a dangerous move.


The KGBeast is working with the other Russians in an elaborate protection scam.


While Vega meets with Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne, demanding a percentage of Wayne Enterprises, the KGBeast blows up one of their chemical plants, to show they mean business.  It’s still, frankly, a big step down for the KGBeast, even though they will net millions.


Mackenzie Bock has an entertaining, if not impressive, exchange with Bullock.  Street smarts vs college.  Bullock seems to come out on top, but he’s the one who winds up getting critically wounded by the KGBeast.


Who, not surprisingly, has an agenda of his own, and it’s a nuclear one!


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