Dixon, Nolan and Hanna bring this Penguin story to a perfect conclusion in Detective 684 (April 1995).


The Penguin and his actuary recap the plan to commit a daylight robbery, although the actuary worries about the man that Batman captured in the previous issue. Batman keeps him in a locker in an abandoned morgue, opening the drawer once a day to see if he will talk.  Eventually, he breaks, just enough to reveal the plans involve a flower show.


Black Mask also gets a scene, as he expands his reach by knocking off the guy who runs Gotham’s numbers racket.


The flower show robbery starts well, but knowing it was coming, Batman rigged the sprinkler system to go off, providing the degree of distraction he needs to function at his peak.


Batman heads to the Icebreg Lounge to confront the Penguin, who turns over the actuary to him.  The Penguin claims to have been unaware of the man’s deeds, and to have performed a citizen’s arrest when he found out.  Terrified of what the Penguin might have done to him, the man goes along with the story, heading to prison.

The Penguin ends, his plans foiled, but his veneer of being a simple, upright club owner intact.

A slight but skillful rethinking of this character.  The Penguin stays true to his style, but with a much stronger surrounding.


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