Chuck Dixon, Staz Johnson and Scott Hanna conclude the Firefly 2-parter in Detective 690 (Oct. 95).


Firefly looks great throughout this storyline, and I like Dixon’s line about him being a hands-on arsonist.  His true, consuming passion is fire.


A more obscure Batman arsonist, Firebug, also appears in this storyline.  He made a cameo, not in costume, in the previous issue.  He had been Black Mask’s arsonist, replaced by Firefly.  Firebug last appeared in Batman 400, though only in a cameo, and this marks his first post-Crisis appearance.


And his last.  So much for Firebug.  Black Mask definitely traded up, and he was redundant anyway.


Lynns makes a date with the woman he likes, but brings a suitcase of gear with him.  A clear warning sign to the reader, if not the woman in the story.


He reveals his true identity to her, and wants to share his love of fire with her.  It seems pretty clear he envisions burning her as a moment of shared ecstasy.  Batman spoils the mood by bursting in, and Robin douses it completely, driving into Firefly with a truck full of fire retardant.


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