Spellbinder returns in a 2-part Underworld Unleashed crossover, beginning in Detective 691 (Nov. 95), by Dixon, Johnson and Hanna.


As with Firebug, Spellbinder had last been seen, in cameo, in Batman 400.  This was his first post-Crisis appearance, and his powers prove no more successful against Batman and Robin than they had in the past, to the dismay of his gang and girlfriend.


Hiding out in a motel afterwards, Neron makes his pitch.  Throughout the DC Universe, this month’s titles see Neron, a devil-ish villain, promise villains to upgrade their powers, for the price of their soul.


But it’s the girlfriend who accepts the offer.  As Neron intended.


So it’s a much more powerful Spellbinder that Batman and Robin wind up facing.  Previously, Spellbinder could cause disorientation by cart-wheeling in his garish costume, and create optical illusions.


The new one, with supernatural powers, can control your perception completely.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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