Dixon, Johnson and Hanna conclude the Underworld Unleashed crossover in Detective 692 (Dec. 95).


Johnson’s art really showcases the new Spellbinder’s abilities, effectively conveying how she completely disorients Batman and Robin.  There is simply no way they can catch her.


There are some pauses in the action.  J Devlin Davenport plays golf against Bruce Wayne, and Tim Drake runs into Bruce’s stalker, Madolyn Corbett, making her first appearance in this book.


Batman consults with Oracle, and though she gives him the idea he needs to defeat Spellbinder, he behaves extremely dismissively to Barbara.


With Tim Drake hooked up to a camera, feeding him information, Batman is able to block out the wild illusions that Spellbinder surrounds herself with.


Even still, the climactic battle on the ledge of the building is gripping.

Sadly, even with the powers booster, Spellbinder never really became anything more than a minor player.  She returns a few years down the road in Birds of Prey.


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