Chuck Dixon, Staz Johnson and James Hodgkins begin a two-part Poison Ivy storyline in Detective 693 (Jan. 96).


The main park in Gotham City (not yet called Robinson Park), suffers massive damage when someone explodes a defoliant in it.


Poison Ivy suffers as a result, her connection to the Green causing the reaction.


The latest mayoral election occurs, which is kind of odd as it hasn’t really been played on in the pages of this book, but whatever.  Marion Grange becomes the new Mayor of Gotham, with Seth Voder as District Attorney.


The man behind the defoliant bombing is Mr. Veezey, who suffers from numerous allergies, and interprets his doctor’s advice to take permanent steps to relieve the situation in an extreme way.


Poison Ivy makes a salad for her doctors, who are far too trusting to be working with her.  That gets her out of prison.


Batman and Robin spot a defoliant truck on their patrol, and it speeds away.  The chase leads over a drawbridge, but the Batmobile isn’t going to make it…

The story concludes next issue.


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