Detective 695 has the second chapter of Contagion, by Chuck Dixon, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Scott Hanna.


Edwards art is a big change for the book, but certainly suited to this tale.  Batman escapes from a military lab, the source of the plague that has reached Gotham.  Throughout the issue, we also get scenes of normal people falling victim to the horrible illness, which causes one to bleed from the eyes before suffering crippling spasms leading to death.


One man escaped before the base shut down, and Batman and Robin have tracked him to the wealthy enclave of Babylon Towers.


He falls victim to the disease, and has spread it through the sealed-off building.  But he informs his friends that there was one survivor, after the disease wiped out a town in Greenland.


News of the survivor gets out, and the reward offered for him by the residents of Babylon Towers.  The Penguin sends out men to find the survivor, and make the most he can by selling him to the highest bidder.


Robin also heads to Greenland, for much the same goals, if more selfless reasons.  But all he finds is Catwoman.

The story continues in the next issue of Robin.


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