Detective 723 (July 1998) is the second chapter in Brotherhood of the Fist, a martial arts heroes crossover.  It has two big strikes against it.  One, it’s not Aftershock.  Suddenly we are pulled out of Gotham and into a big crossover.  Secondly, it’s very much a middle chapter, and largely consists of introducing the line-up for the rest of the storyline.  Chuck Dixon is joined by Alexander Maleev and Bill Reinhold on the art.


Batman and Connor Hawke are stuck on a snowy mountain, fighting ninjas, but still find time to discuss Oliver Queen, and Batman’s relatively low opinion of the man.


The Silver Monkey has returned, and there turns out to be three of them.  Judomaster, Katana and the Question have already been pulled into this saga.


And Oracle contacts Black Canary, who in turn calls in Bronze Tiger.  Robin and Nightwing are also in the issue, fighting a horde of non-silver, but still monkey costumed, ninjas.

The story continues in the next issue of Robin.





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