As I did with Zero Hour and the Elseworlds annuals, I place all the Legends of the Dead Earth annuals as occurring during Final Night.  The possible futures, had the sun not been re-ignited.

Detective Annual 9 is one of the better Legends of the Dead Earth stories,written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Flint Henry and James Hodgkins.


It deals with three young friends on a distant, war-torn planet in the far future.  They amuse themselves with misremembered legends of Batman, his friends and enemies.


They discover a crashed war-bot, and rebuild it, christening it War-Bat. Once back together, it immediately marches off towards enemy territory, as it was programmed to.


The kids decide to follow it.  The older boy dons a Robin garb, and names the younger Alfred Gordon.  Both boys are shocked when the girl also dresses up as Robin, and there is an entertaining argument about there being more than one Robin at the same time.


They proceed across the war-ravaged alien landscape, which gives Flint Henry ample opportunity to show his stuff.


They discover that the enemy is long-dead, but that they, too, have war robots.  The kids call the enemy robot the Jokester, and watch the big battle between them.


The art does go a bit overboard in the climactic battle. I am not even certain what is happening in every panel of this page.

Good triumphs over evil, of course, even though the War-Bat is destroyed in the battle.



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