Larry Hama, Mike Deodato, Jr and Sean Parsons bring Bane back to Gotham in the No Man’s Land story in Detective 736 (Sept. 99).


It’s a pretty ballsy entrance, befitting of Bane. He rams a car carrier trailer into the barricade on the bridge, and then uses it as a ramp for a second truck, which leaps over the broken part, landing in Gotham.


There is a surprising cameo in the story, by Sister Agnes.  Batman makes reference to their previous meeting, in the Joker’s Five-Way Revenge, a classic story from the early 70s.


Batman discovers that Bane has returned, and tries to take him down right away, hoping to nip any plans he may have before they can start.


Bane has bigger fish to fry than another bout with Batman.  He tells Batman he has planted a bomb in the church of Sister Agnes, and when Batman heads to defuse it, Bane goes off on his merry way.

This is one of the weaker No Man’s Land stories. It achieves its goal, but still feels like there could have been more to it.


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