Ra’s Al Ghul sends two new agents to Gotham in Detective 743 (April 2000), Whisper A’Daire and Abbot, who will both play major roles for a while, as Rucka, Martinborough and Mitchell launch a complex storyline.


Whisper has been Ra’s acolyte, while it appears Abbot has been working for him longer.  With unspecified plans, and an even more mysterious potion they need to take, Ra’s Al Ghul sends Whisper and Abbot to Gotham to do his bidding.


Batman and the police have been extremely busy, as a variety of gangs are moving in to the newly opened Gotham, despite the best efforts to hold them back.


Rucks cleverly uses a briefing by Bock to introduce the heads of the five families that will be significant in this storyline: the Crowns, the Tzus, the Edcobedos, the Kosovs, and the Galantes.


Whisper runs into Bruce Wayne at a society function, as he endows a new library.  He notices as she works the room, meeting all the influential people. Barbara Gordon is also there, and grew suspicious of the woman as well.


Batman goes to investigate the youth centre built by Crown, and ponders on the accusation thrown at Bruce Wayne earlier, that building the library is not compensation for leaving Gotham.  But he is not so lost in thought that he does not notice Abbot (although he does not know who is at this point), who blows up the centre.


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