A gang war erupts in Detective 744 (May 2000), by Rucka, Martinborough and Mitchell.


While Crown is looking for revenge for the bombing of the youth centre, Tzu’s wife gets murdered, and he blames rival gangs as well.


Whisper A’Daire presents herself to Tzu, offering to help against the other gangs.  This seems a bit less absurd after she sticks out a forked tongue and spits acid into the face of one of his men.


Batman meets with Commissioner Gordon, as well as Mackenzie Bock, getting his first taste of the rooftop Bat-Signal meetings.  All three men agree that the war is being provoked by a third party.  Batman does suspect Ra’s Al Ghul, but dismisses him as it not being his style.


Abbot rounds up members of the Escobedo family, being blamed for the murders of Tzu’s wife, which Abbot himself committed.  He kills them, as a show of “good faith” to the Tzu family, on behalf of him and Whisper.


Whisper confirms most of Batman’s suspicions, content in the cards she is holding, as Batman cannot see the endgame she is playing towards.




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