Greg Rucka, Shawn Martinborough, John Watkiss and Steve Mitchell work on Detective 745 (June 2000), which sees Whisper’s plans become clearer.


Bruce Wayne runs into Whisper A’Daire with the new mayor.  Having spotted a scale the last time he saw her, he notices the ones on the back of her neck, and takes on for analysis.  Batman will later discover that these are cobra scales. And even stranger, that Whisper is over 80 years old.


But that’s the kicker.  Whisper is out to hook Gotham’s mighty on an immortality serum, an addictive one, which will make those who take it her slaves.


Batman breaks into her apartment, and discovers a shed skin in the bathtub.


Meanwhile, Whisper is meeting with Tzu.  She promises him the immortality serum, but neglects to mention the transformation it will cause.


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