Detective Comics gains a back-up series, after over a decade without one, in issue 746 (July 2000).


Rucka, Martinborough, Watkiss and Mitchell being this first Whisper A’Daire storyline to a close in this issue.  With Tzu dependent on her, Whisper becomes openly dismissive of the gangsters she has cultivated.  Never good to piss off those who your rise depended on.


Abbot confesses his failure to kill Batman, and for that gets punished with some cobra spit. That takes him pretty much out of the action, although he will return a few issues down the way, with only one good eye.


When Batman busts up Whisper’s attempt to get the Galante family hooked on her serum, she makes Tzu transform and fly her to safety.

Or at least, that’s the plan.  But Tzu has far more respect and regard for Batman, even though he is an enemy, and he lets Whisper drop, and turns himself in.  Whisper’s body is not found, just another shed skin, and she will be back in a few months.


This issue also sees the launch of an unusual detective strip, The Jacobian, by Jordan Gorfinkel, Jeff Johnson and Aaron Sowd.  We get little information about the hero in this first chapter, which begins mid-stream, as he races to find a kidnapped baby.


A cloaked sniper is causing him problems,  but turns out to be completely unrelated to the kidnapping case.  This is the tease for the bigger storyline.


The Jacobian relies on hunches, putting himself in “the moment,” and trusting that his actions will be right. In this case, he has to pick the correct infant out of a dozen or so, all gathered by his client’s bitter ex-wife, to show how the man neglects his kids.  Extreme parenting, but the Jacobian’s hunch proves correct.





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