William Rosado joins Greg Rucka and Steve Mitchell on Detective 747 (Aug. 00), which puts the spotlight on Renee Montoya.


It’s her birthday, but all that seems to mean in her neighbourhood is that everyone hassles her about not being married with children.


At work, she discovers a bouquet of flowers, and an unsigned card.  Her partner Crispus Allen is curious, but isn’t even aware that it’s her birthday.


Commissioner Gordon knows what day it is, but his attempt to bring some birthday cheer turns into a shoulder for Renee to dump her troubles on.


With no pressing cases, Renee investigates the mystery of the flowers.  Tracking down the florist, she discovers that they were ordered by Bruce Wayne, and goes to confront him.  Hr confirms her suspicions, that the actual sender was Harvey Dent.  He had contacted Wayne to send the flowers, counting on their old friendship.


So her birthday party winds up consisting of shared cupcakes in the prison visiting room, with the man who held her captive.  It’s sad, and touching.


There is an uplifting moment at the end, as Batman leaves her a birthday card, thanking her for her kindness towards Dent.

Not a big story, no huge drama.  But it sure hits you.


The Jacobian faces the sniper in this installment of his series, by Gorfinkel, Johnson and Sowd.


The Sniper is a woman, Leelee, and quickly moves from attacked to client, as she asks the Jacobian to find her husband, though she has no idea who he is, or where he might be.


The one clue she can provide winds up leading him to his old friend, Farouk, as well as a group of assassins, dressed just like Leelee.


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