Phil Hester joins Greg Rucka and Steve Mitchell for a two-part story, beginning in Detective 748 (Sept. 00) that deals with the tensions between those who stayed in Gotham throughout No Man’s Land, known as OGs, and those who left, or are newly arrived in the city, called DZs.


An explosion rocks a construction site, for a new Wayne building.  Batman’s investigation leads him to an OG rally, where he spots a known bomber.


The man leading the rally has nothing but praise for Bruce Wayne, that he is one of the few decent employers in the city, and insists that his people would not have attacked him by bombing his site.


And the poor guy winds up becoming not only a victim of the bomber, but also framed to be the bomber himself, supposedly dying accidentally, and making the OGs look bad.

The story concludes in the next issue.


The Jacobian, Leelee and Farouk are confronted by the ninjas, dressed just like Leelee, in this chapter, by Gorfinkel, Johnson and Walden Wong.


Neither Farouk nor Leelee is a match for them, and the Jacobian believes that he will not be either.  Leelee insists he can do it, and there is an unusual page, as he begins to trust his hunches on where to attack.

The following page shows the ninjas waking up, defeated.  We can assume the Jacobian beat them, but not seeing exactly how just builds the mystery around this character.

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