Detective 753 (Feb.01) was part of a sort-of crossover idea that ran through the Bat-books this month.  “In this issue – Batman dies!”  Except, you know, he didn’t.  Most of the stories (but not all) have some sequence in which the villain imagines killing Batman.  And that’s supposed to be enough to justify it.  It wasn’t.


Greg Rucka doesn’t even bother with the Batman dying part, as he is joined by four artists for the story – Steve Manion, Bradley Raider, Hilary Barta and John Lowe – as we read a comic book, written and drawn by Harvey Dent, as part of his program at Arkham.


The comic story is fairly simple. Harvey Dent is a heroic detective, fighting his evil side, which is it’s own persona, Dr. Janus.  Batman is Janus’ muscled goon, and Renee Montoya is made into a helpless damsel.  Can’t imagine she would have enjoyed this rendition of her.


But it’s all for nothing, as budget cuts end the program. And Batman doesn’t die, in the comic, or even in the comic within the comic.


There is a bit of a change of pace in this installment of the Jacobian, by Gorfinkel, Johnson and Panosian.


The Mahmetchik are in focus in this one, as well as a child, Kobi.  We see their hidden temple.


And Kobi spies, as one of them is sent to retrieve the Jacobian.  This chapter puzzles me a bit, it doesn’t tie in well, and I’m not sure of the identity of the one being sent out.


The end of it jumps back to following the previous issue, as the Jacobian and Leelee find themselves under the sea, with Nereus.



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