The laughs keep on coming as Superman and Batman fight to determine whether Lex Luthor gets to keep his kryptonite ring in Detective 756 (May 2001), the second half of a story that began in the previous issue of Superman, by Rucka, Koi Turnbull and Dan Davis.


Batman feels that with the presidency and the ring, Luthor is simply too powerful, and has decided to retrieve the ring.  Superman, though not faulting his logic, maintains that the ring is Luthor’s possession, and Batman has no right to it.


Because Luthor has had lead-lining put into the walls, Superman is not able to track Batman as easily as he might, and Batman finds enough shadows to hide from the White House security as well.  Sasha spots him, though.  She had accompanied Bruce Wayne on his visit to the White House – and Wayne has once again disappeared.


Superman also spots Sasha, and escorts her out.  But he slips, and calls her by name.  How did he know it?


The fight between the two heroes is almost slapstick, carrying itself through the White House and into the oval office.


Luthor confronts them there, and though Batman does take the ring from his desk, Luthor demands Superman get it from him.  But Batman turns over the ring too easily, in Luthor’s view, and he tests it on Superman, who does not react.  Sure enough, Batman has a second ring, which does cause Superman to keel over.


Luthor kicks the heroes and Lois Lane out, tossing them the fake ring.  But as Lois discovers, the whole thing was a huge set-up.   The fake ring was the real ring, and they were out-conning Luthor.  Superman was able to no react simply because he knew the kryptonite exposure was coming, and he concealed the pain.


Sasha has spent her spare time rifling through Bruce Wayne’s luggage.  And look what she finds.

Fun, and clever.


The Jacobian reaches its penultimate chapter, by Gorfinkel, Johnson and Panosian.


The Jacobian and Leelee are brought to the temple, and all gets explained.


The explanation goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Lilith.  Adam attained great knowledge of the world, which was passed down through his ancestors, to Jacob.  The Jacobian is the long-awaited herald who can manifest the powers of Adam.


Which is all well and good, except that Leelee is really Lilith.


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