Rick Burchett and Rodney Ramos join Greg Rucka on Detective 757 (June 2001) for a good little suspense tale.


Batman is chasing some murderous gangsters down a twisting coastal road, and does not see when they force another car off the road and into the water.


But the story follows the family, as their car sinks to the bottom and slowly fills with water.


Batman’s pursuit of the killers is almost wordless, compared with the scenes in the car.


You kind of know that somehow Batman has to find out about these people and rescue them, but pages go by, and their oxygen depletes, and Batman only has the slightest clue, a bit of paint in a dent in the killer’s car.


But that clue, and a terrified hoodlum, provide the info he needs.


Just in time!  Though as the mother points out, had he come sooner, he would not have been able to open the car door, because of the water pressure.


Jordan Gorfinkel, Jeff Johnson and Dan Panosian bring the Jacobian series to an end, as he and Lilith have their final battle.


Just as in the story with the hero the Moment, Lilith wants all the power right away, and to herself.  But the Jacobian knows she cannot handle it.



He “cleanses” her with water, the purest element, and removes her memory, returning her to the temple.


As the series ends, he bids farewell to Kobi.  Kobi is his son, that is clear, and even his hunches tell him this, but he ignores it.

The Jacobian has never appeared since.  Should have recognized your son, that would have been worth another storyline.

While I don’t find this works entirely, I do enjoy the series for creating an intriguing and offbeat adventure.

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