Wow, what a great cover for Detective 765 (Feb. 02).  The story, by Rucka, Steve Burchett, Jesse Delperdang and Rodney Ramos, is pretty good as well.


Jim Gordon’s house gets robbed – completely emptied, the possessions carted away by truck.  Batman is out to find the ones who did it, and Sasha fears for the safety of the thieves, due to the intensity of Batman’s reaction.


For the first time, she expresses her concerns to him.  But when she says that the fears for the well being of the thieves who robbed the “wrong” house, he jumps on her words, suggesting that she implied there was a “right” house to rob, and sulks off.


Sasha also gets a codename, of sorts, as one of the thieves misunderstands a bit of their conversation, and thinks her name is Cover.  Which isn’t a bad name for her, really.

To her relief, and that of the felons, all Batman intended to do was retrieve the truck, and restore Gordon’s possessions, before they got sold and spread around.

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