Chapter Eight of Bruce Wayne: Murderer gives Sasha Bordeaux the starring role, under the hands of Greg Rucka, Steven Lieber and Mick Gray, in Detective 767 (April 2002).


Sasha sits in prison, awaiting her trial, and enduring the hardships and humiliations of life behind bars.


Even her lawyer cannot understand why she will not take a plea, or give any sort of proper defense or explanation.  And as the story progresses, and Sasha wears down, she begins to wonder herself.


Her dream of Batman coming to her aid, and freeing her, is nothing more than a dream.


But as she reaches her lowest point, a touch on the shoulder from Bruce strengthens her resolve.

Up to this point, I enjoyed the Bruce Wayne: Murderer storyline, to a degree.  His silence was a bit annoying, along with the fact that he didn’t seem to be trying very hard to clear his name.  But I had faith in it.

That faith would not sustain it much longer.

The story continues in Nightwing.

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