Rucka, Lieber and Mark McKenna work on Detective 769 (June 2002), chapter 4 of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, the overall name for the stories published during the period when Batman couldn’t be bothered to clear his own name.


Tzu’s mind has become quite warped, and he thinks Batman is a godlike figure.  And though he hopes they will join forces against the heroin dealers, Batman does not want to get involved with him.  Tzu gets angry, and now believes Batman to be on the side of the dealers.


Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya question Alfred, as he tidies the long-neglected kitchen.  His certainty that Bruce is innocent, even though he vanished, puzzles the detectives.  By the end, they no longer think Alfred helped Bruce escape, but understand even less than before.


Checkmate agent David Said joins the mix.  Someone is poisoning the heroin, and it’s not the Triad, Tzu or Checkmate, but everyone wants answers.

The story continues in the next issue, even though Bruce Wayne: Fugitive continues in a completely different book.

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