Catwoman gets featured on the cover of Detective 780 (May 2003), so one might think Brubaker, Castillo and Von Grawbadger have given her a significant role in this issue.  But one would be wrong.


The Charlatan poisons the Mad Hatter, having tied up and impersonated a guard to get in.  Scarecrow is a couple seats down, but still shows no fear.  The Hatter is rushed to the infirmary, and is in critical condition.


Catwoman gives Batman the location where the Riddler is hiding, in fear of his life.  She offers to come along, and be worthy of the prominence she is given on the cover, but he demurs, and that’s it for Catwoman. One page.


Batman gets some answers from the Riddler.  He learns how Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow, Penguin, Mad Hatter and Killer Moth had a plan, but felt they could not pull it off without Two-Face.  So they approached Sloan, and offered him the role of his life.  Batman does not recall any plot by these men to kill him, and Riddler tells him in never got pulled off, but there is clearly more to the story.

Which is why it continues in the next issue.

But Spore does not, as Gagne and Gagne bring it to an end.








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